The Wild Land

Game Chef happened this week! It's a nine-day role-playing/tabletop/analog game design competition. I haven't participated in a few years, but I've been a bit creatively stymied lately, so I went for it: 

The theme of the game had to involve borders, and among the optional additional ingredients were echoes and yarn, so that's what I used to make The Wild Land. It's a story game with The Quiet Year and Microscope in its DNA, in which you use a table and whatever stuff you have on hand to construct a big relief map of, well, a wild land. You create cultures to dwell there, use loops of yarn to denote their borders, and then move those borders around to trace the histories of these people over generations.

All the while you'll duck into brief scenes as individuals: archetypal heroes and villains who keep getting born and re-born across the land, and whose small efforts end up guiding the development of entire civilizations.

It's pretty strongly inspired by Breath of the Wild, because Breath of the Wild is great, and the map of Hyrule has been burned pretty hard into my brain lately.

Check it out right here!