If you want to know more, visit Patreon.com/EddlyT, where you can pledge a buck a month, and in return get access to all the games I make, and all the games I have made! It’s a pretty sweet deal if you like strange games about sword-making, astronauts, murder, or whatever else catches my attention for a month.

So far, these are the games that have come out thanks to my patrons:

  • Lonely Astronaut. Somewhere out in space, a lonely astronaut journeys from planet to planet, never staying long enough to call anywhere home. A slow, contemplative game based on what I think No Man's Sky is probably like. This game is free to everybody!

  • Melissa, the Gorgon Who Makes Bad Decisions. Melissa, unlike her showboating cousin Medusa, has a quiet life working at as an Ancient Greek barista at the Ancient Greek Starbucks. But she makes terrible life decisions. As the snakes in her hair, can you be her guide to the world of baseline competence? A gonzo game of ridiculous consequences.

  • SWORD FORGERS! You are a bunch of GNOMES who make the BEST FRIKKIN' SWORDS and you know they're the BEST FRIKKIN' SWORDS because whenever an adventurer gets horribly killed while using your sword, you sneak it back to the forge and make it WAY BETTER. A ridiculous sword-making game.

  • Useful Evidence. A story game designed to emulate the beats of Clue (the movie), using the components of Clue (the board game). You've been invited to a weird mansion, the bodies are stacking up, and you probably killed some of them!