Who is Eddly T?

I am! I'm Ed Turner, I'm an author and RPG designer. I currently live in Fresno California with my wife and son, 

Can I hire you for something?

Probably! If you have a writing job that you think would be up my alley, by all means, send it my way. 

If you have a game design that you want to get looked at, I'm also available as a developmental editor. That means I'll read what you have and provide detailed feedback, complete with some back-and-forth discussion as needed. Generally this is intended for something that is in a nearly-done state, and focuses broadly on how clear and coherent the rules are, how consistent the tone is, and how effectively the mechanics accomplish what they are trying to accomplish.

Either way, email me at EdwardDTurner at gmail dot com to get the ball rolling. My availability varies based on what's currently on my plate, but I'm always willing to consider new projects.

What if I just want to hear you talk more?

That's a little odd, but sure. I have a Twitter, for which my handle is EddlyT. I'm also a relatively frequent poster on the FateRPG subreddit, where I go by AproposPenguin because I made the account, like, a million years ago before I'd started to build my #brand.