To Stand Before the Dragon's Wrath


The dragon crawled out of myth and into the real world... not a realm of fantasy and adventurers, but to your own hometown. You, the player, will face the dragon. You will probably be killed, but you may be fortunate enough to take it with you.

"To Stand Before the Dragon's Wrath" is a one-page story game for three to five players, which takes less than an hour to play. It centers around one grand battle between the players, who find themselves reluctant heroes, and a tyrannical dragon. It's a game system made for quick accessibility and high-stakes, epic battling. There's no prep required and no GM, although one player will take on the role of the dragon itself.

Available on DriveThruRPG, including the expansion "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Dragon"

Also available in French, at DriveThruRPG  translated by Nicolas 'Gulix' Ronvel.