By the Author of Lady Windermere's Fan was successfully funded via Kickstarter!  Missed the Kickstarter? Worry not, friend: the game can be ordered as Print-on-Demand or digitally download

It's opening night at the Westlake Theatre, but due to a ludicrous level of mismanagement by the director and producer alike, you have neglected to hold a single rehearsal. In fact, you haven't even bothered to pick up a script. Frankly, you don't even remember what show you're supposed to be putting on. All you know for sure is that it's meant to be a comedy by the master of the Victorian farce, Oscar Wilde. With only that to go on, you're just going to have to improvise. 

It's a comedy of manners, so that means self-absorbed characters weaving increasingly complex webs of deception to make themselves look good, played by actors doing everything in their power to keep the show from grinding to a halt. Cobble together a plot out of whatever sets you have on hand. Lie, cheat, and steal the spotlight through three breathless acts of quick changes, missed cues, and bon mots. Do whatever you must to keep the audience's attention until the final curtain and the thunderous applause you so richly deserve.

By the Author of Lady Windermere's Fan is a role-playing story game about desperate improvisation and egregious theatricality, written by Ed Turner (The Aether Sea, Venture City, Dresden Files Accelerated). Three to five players, one-shot, no prep, no GM. 

Want character sheets? Presumably because you have the game in some form and want to print them out conveniently (but who knows, maybe you just looooove character sheets). Download them right here (8.5"X11") or here (A4).