Wizard Duel!

When it comes to matters of honor and the arcane, magic users settle their disagreements the only way they know how: a duel of magic!

You need 2 players and dice in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. A big bag of gaming dice is ideal. You are wizards, about to duel. You may want to figure out just what you’re fighting over, but honestly? You know how wizards can be… sometimes they’re just fighting to fight.

Choosing your Spells:

Each player picks out three dice, which will represent different spells.

Smaller dice (d4s) are fast. Larger dice (d20s) are powerful. The color and style of the die defines what the spell actually is. Give it a bombastic name, e.g.:

  • Red and orange streaked d12?

    • Ester’s Overwhelming Lava Storm!

  • Shimmery shiny purple d4?

    • Sarle’s Instant Psychic Shard!

  • Plain white d6 from an old board game?

    • Textbook Introductory Bolt of Force


By Wizard Law, duels have four rounds.

Readying Spells: Both players secretly choose one of their dice. When both have chosen, reveal them simultaneously.

Casting: Both wizards roll. The die with the lower value is quicker. If you rolled it, you are the attacker; describe how the spell looks. Be dramatic!

Both wizards then re-roll. If the defender's result is greater than the attacker's, the defense succeeds; describe how your spell wards theirs off. If the defender’s roll is less than the attacker’s, the defense fails; describe how you are affected by their spell, and take a hit (see Hits, below).

If either roll results in a tie, then there has been an Arcane Misfire. Oh no! Both players take a Hit as the arcane interactions between the spells create unforeseeable magical consequences. Describe the chaos together.

Hits: If you take a Hit, give the die you rolled to the other player. They may use it in future rounds.

Victory: If you run out of dice, you lose.

Otherwise, the wizard with the most dice after 4 rounds is the winner. In the event of a tie, you are both winners: according to the Wizarding Council, you are officially friends now, and your grudge is officially settled.